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Gary Grigsby’s War in the West 1943-45 covers the Allied campaigns in Western Europe starting with the summer 1943 invasions of Sicily and Italy and proceeding through the invasions of France and the drive into Germany.

It also covers the Allied strategic bomber campaign. Expanding and improving on the War in the East game system, WitW will provide players the chance to pick alternative strategies in both the land and air parts of the war. There is also an East Front Control option for German players that wish to decide which units are available for fighting in the west.

You can expect to see major improvements from WitE in several areas, including but not limited to the air game, logistics and weather.


 Huge size (36k hexes versus 25k for WitE).
 New terrain types for bocage, tundra, desert, sand, escarpment/impassable, ferries.
 Road Quality by Country
 Improved weather graphics showing all effects; ground, air and water (ice).
 Improved map projection that minimizes map distortion effects caused by using a flat map for a round world.
 The map is built as a part of an enormous War in Europe map which is 378x355 hexes, so is a building block to a future "mega on an unprecedented scale" game (134k hexes)
 New tile generated map will make it easier for us to complete the full map, and/or revise map data as needed.

Air War
Detailed Strategic Bombing and improvements to non-ground support missions

 Different system/ execution phase for air based on air directives to air force HQs
 Fixed airfields on map withadditional construction possible  More types of missions – Ground Support – Ground Attack (interdiction of units/supply/rail, airfield attack, ground unit attack) – Strategic Bombing – Reconnaissance – Air Superiority –

Naval Patrol
 Improved resolution of interdiction, less gaminess in airfield bombing and fighter sweeps

More realism plus supply issues of invasions

Weather More realism and granularity in weather generation and effects
 8 Weather Zones
 6 Ground Conditions
 6 Air Conditions
 Ice Conditions in Rivers
 Weather determined by combination of weather zones and 5 possible weather fronts that move across the map

Axis Garrisons
 Garrison Regions - requires minimum garrisons in combat value of troops – changes over time and with major events.
 Garrison Cities - requires security units and a large garrison – also changes over time.
 Not fulfilling garrison requirements will increase partisan attacks on rail in the area as well as costing victory points.

East Front Control Option (For Long Campaigns)
a. East Front Screen provides info on German forces, front line and Soviet offensive potential.
b. Units may be moved between fronts. Player chooses which if any German units on the East Front are pulled back to refit. c. Soviet controlled hexes are shown on the map.
d. When using EFC Option, game ends when Berlin falls or can last until the end of July 1945. When not using the EFC Option the game ends in early May 1945 (or earlier if Allies capture Berlin) and movement of units between fronts is based on historical movements.

Amphibious and Airborne Landing Rules
 Amphibious and Airborne Prep Points and Target Hexes
 Airpower Impact on Naval Movement
 Amphibious HQs with Naval Support and Temporary Ports
 Commando and Ranger supporting landings
 Separate Amphibious and supporting airborne landing phase at start of other player’s turn
 Coordinated airborne landings with non-amphibious forces during own turn VIII. Multi-role Support Units
 Support units that can switch between off-map support and on map unit status
 Large Multi-role units divide into 3 parts when made support units (break regiment into 3 battalions)
 Support ranger and commando units have special amphibious abilities

Victory Conditions
 Factors Considered in Campaign Victory Conditions
- Cities Controlled Each Turn
- Damage From Allied Strategic Bombing
- Partisan Activity (failure of Axis to garrison)
- Allied Casualties
- Failure To Achieve Italian and French Beachheads
- Political Targets (U-boat and V-weapon factories and V-weapon launch sites)
- Timing of Fall of Berlin

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  • The game covers July 1943 to July 1945.
  • Each turn lasts one week.
  • Each hex covers 10 miles.
  • The map is an enormous 36,000 hexes!
  • It is an enhanced War in the East system with more comprehensive air and naval operations and supply systems.
  • Scale is Division/Brigade/Regiment with supporting Battalions, but modeled down to the last man, tank and gun.
  • There are 14 Allied and 5 Axis nationalities in the game.
  • It includes a fully featured scenario editor
  • There are optional rules to allow you to control the allocation of forces to the east front, or let it stay historical. If you manage it by hand, allocating troops slows the Soviet advance and removing them hastens it, all shown on a global strategy map.
  • The game includes 3 main campaigns and 7-9 smaller scenarios.


Gary Grigsby's War in the West

Release Date: In Development

Platform: PC
Language: English
Genre: Operational, Strategic
Turns: Turn-Based IGOUGO
Complexity: Advanced
Period: World War II

2by3 Games

Product Specs

  • Theatre: Western Europe
  • Unit Scale: Division, Battalion, Regiment, Brigade
  • Players: 1-2
  • AI: Yes
  • PBEM: Yes, Server Based
  • File Size: 0mb
  • Download Time:
  • - 56K Modem: 0min
  • - DSL or Satelite: 0min
  • - High Speed: 0min
  • Manual: PDF E-Book, Printed - Black & White
  • Editor: Yes

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